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Embolden's AI writer creates copy similar to the best-converting and most successful businesses. This means the copy written by Embolden is optimized for sales and conversions and follows proven formats and styles.

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Prompt to generate product page copy using AI
Product page with copy generated by AI

How Embolden works

Go from tedious, time-consuming copy creation to copywriting that uses AI and Language Learning Models to generate engaging and contextual content.

Screenshot of Embolden, selection of AI writing tools

Choose your tool

Embolden comes with 60+ writing tools to help power your ecommerce copywriting with AI. Everything from writing SEO-friendly product descriptions to engaging emails.

Give your context

Give our AI as much (or as little) context about your business, product, and tone, and Embolden will do the rest. Don't worry about format or structure, our AI will take care of that.

Screenshot of Embolden, series of prompts to give context to AI writing tool
Screenshot of Embolden, output from AI writing generation

Get your content

Choose the output that works best for you from the amount of copies you generated. From there, save them to your account, or copy them over to your store. The content is SEO friendly, and optimized for conversions based on proven formatting and content structures.

Off to the races! !!

You've just saved time and money with AI writing for your ecommerce business.
Explore other tools and leverage the power of AI to generate as much content your ecommerce business needs.

Over 60+ AI writing tools

Everything from email to website pages can be written with Embolden, using one of our 60+ (and growing) AI writing tools.

Abandoned Cart Email

Generate an abandoned cart email and bring back customers.

Abandoned Cart Email Drip

Create a 3 email abandoned cart drip sequence.

Abandoned Checkout Email

Generate an abandoned checkout email and complete more purchases.

Abandoned Product Browse Email

Engage customers who viewed a product page but didn't add anything to their cart.

Advanced Product Description

Generate a long-form detailed product description.

Amazon Product Features

Generate product features for your Amazon listing.

Amazon Product Listing

Generate copy for a product listing on Amazon.

Article Outline

Get a head start on your article with an outline generator.

Blog Title

Generate compelling titles for your blog articles.

Business Names

Generate business names based on the product sold and industry.

Content Expander

Expand on a point or thought.

Content Rewriter

Rewrite content quickly and easily.

Cross-Sell Copy

Generate copy for your product pages to cross-sell related products.

Customer Avatar

Define an audience and a goal, and generate a customer avatar.

Customer Service Response

Quickly respond to customer service tickets.

Customer Winback Email

Reconnect with previous customers by offering them a one-time discount.

Ecommerce Niche Ideas

Generate ecommerce niche ideas.

Facebook Ads

Write the perfect Facebook ad that brings in sales.

Facebook Ads (With Mockup)

Create a single-image Facebook ad with a mockup.

Google Ads

Get your ad in front of millions of potential customers.

Google Ads Keywords

Generate a list of keywords to target on Google AdWords

Hashtag Generator

Generate relevant hashtags for any social media post.

Instagram Captions

Make your Instagram posts pop.

Instagram Post Ideas

Generate ideas for things to post on Instagram for your business.

LinkedIn Ads

Get your ad in front of millions of potential customers on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Networking Outreach

Write an engaging outreach message for LinkedIn

Money Back Guarantee

Generate a money back guarantee for your store.

New Product Email

Let your customers know about new products.

OKR Generator

Generate key results based on your company objective.

Order Confirmation Email

Generate an order confirmation email for your customers.

Press Release

Generate a properly formatted, professional press release.

Product Benefits

Create a list of benefits to help position your product.

Product Collection

Generate copy for a product collection page on Shopify.

Product Description

Generate a product description for your ecommerce store.

Product FAQ

Generate an FAQ for your product pages.

Product Meta Description

Generate an SEO meta description from a product description.

Product Names

Generate product name ideas.

Product Page Meta Tags

Quickly get SEO meta tags for your ecommerce products.

Product Sale Email

Send an email promoting a sale for a product on your store.

Push Notification

Write copy for an SMS or push notification message.

Reasons To Buy

Generate a list of reasons to buy your product.

Referral Email

Write an email asking customers to refer you to their friends.

Request Review Email

Ask your customers to review their latest purchase.

Return Policy

Write a return policy for your ecommerce business.

Review Responder

Quickly respond to product reviews.

Sales Headline Generator

Generate a catchy headline for your product or service.

Shipping Confirmation Email

Generate a shipping confirmation email for your store.

Shopify Product Page

Generate copy for all fields of a Shopify product page including meta tags

Slogan Generator

Get a catchy slogan for your business.

Startup Ideas

Get the perfect idea for your startup.

Store Sale Email

Send an email promoting your store during a sale.

Thank You Email

Write an email from the store owner thanking a customer personally.

TikTok Post Ideas

Generate ideas for things to post on TikTok for your business.

Twitter Post

Tweet about your ecommerce store.

Twitter Post Ad

Write an engaging Twitter post to be used as an ad.

Twitter Thread

Write a Twitter thread based on any topic related to your business.

Upsell Copy

Generate copy for your cart pages to upsell related products.

Upsell Email

Generate an upsell email and increase revenue.

Upsell Email Sequence

Create an upsell email drip sequence.

Welcome Email

Send new subscribers an email with a discount welcoming them to your store.

YouTube Keywords Generator

Generate keywords for your YouTube videos.

YouTube Video Description

Write a video description for your next YouTube video.

YouTube Video Title

Generate a catchy and optimized YouTube title.

Create content for your ecommerce business 10x faster.

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